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Why does the world come to AMST?

The complexity of modern military aircraft demands a significant investment in pilot training.  Preparation of courses and the procurement of specialist training equipment are vital factors in ensuring the complete operational performance and safety of an aircraft and its flight crew.
AMST has developed a specialist range of products capable of simulating the experience of high altitudes, spatial disorientation and "G"-forces.

AMST has a discerning clientele who share the conviction that second best is not good enough. That's why those who seek to enhance their operational capabilities choose AMST`s superior, proven technology.


Because the evolution of AMST`s technology never stops. We invest a significant percentage of our annual revenue in research and development - and for over 15 years have consistently pioneered new thresholds in training, highly sophisticated control systems and modern design. 

Because we understand that safety, quality, highest operational availability and an excellent support of the training equipment are the most important factors to ensure the best training available.

Because we always have been and will be a fair and reliable partner, trying to understand your needs, responding with flexibility and on time.


The roots of AMST were planted in 1978 in the fertile and strong soil of the state owned group AUSTRIA METALL AG (AMAG)at Ranshofen, Austria, a major aluminium production company with around 7500 employees, branching out into Engineering and Aerospace in 1978.

In 1982 the group was awarded a contract to build a complete Aviation Medicine Facility in Germany for the Air Force, consisting of a Human Centrifuge and a Hypobaric Chamber. During these years the division was transformed into an independent subsidiary called AUSTRIA METALL SYSTEMTECHNIK GmbH – AMST.

In 1996 AMST was the subject of a separately negotiated Management Buy-out, created by its long standing Managing Director Richard Schlüsselberger.

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